Friday, December 30, 2011

FBFF: New Years Resolutions

These can be your personal, professional or blog resolutions. Whatever you are resolving to do in 2012.

Like I mentioned yesterday, this was quite a big year for me with so many changes and new adventures! Hopefully, 2012 will bring some new excitement and adventures to keep me inspired all year long. 

This year, I broke my resolutions into the three categories - personal, professional and blog. Here we go! 

Personal Resolutions 

1. This year, I resolve to finally lose the excess weight I have been carrying since high school. I have never had good eating and exercise habits, and in 2012, this is going to change! I am going to drop back down to a healthy weight (the healthy way - no starvation or purging here!) so I can finally feel confident enough to post outfit photos on this blog. (: I will also, then, be willing to buy designer and designer bridge items that I have put off because "I'm not going to stay at this weight forever!" I can't wait to feel confident in my own skin again and be able to wear the many styles of clothing I covet but know, with my current body shape, would not look quite right on. 

2. This year, I will be open-minded about everything that comes my way, whether it be with my internship in Orlando, school over the summer or starting my sophomore year at the University of Missouri in the fall. I resolve to stop letting life pass me by and to take more risks. I also want to find my home in the Greek system at Mizzou and join a sorority - it feels like the right place for me, I greatly regret not pledging last semester and I want to expand my networking and my involvement on campus. 

3. This year, I plan to read more and learn about the world around me, past and present. I plan on reading at least one book a month, which (as other college students will tell you) can be a tall order with all the studying we have to do! I will be reading classics that I've never read before but always have wanted to. I also will become up to date on world and domestic events (not just fashion news, which - believe me - I am plenty current on) by reading the newspaper (or at least, the online version) everyday - or a few times a week. 

Professional Resolutions

1. This year, I resolve to learn more about the fashion industry I so love by reading books, watching documentaries and staying on top of fashion news. I want to subscribe to Women's Wear Daily so I can be current on everything that is going on in my favorite industry.

2. This year, I will find a job (during the school year) that I adore - no more big box department stores for me, at least at this time. I want a job that has a little more freedom and creativity, something maybe like a boutique or smaller chain store, in my college town.

3. This year, I will put my voice and style out there by hopefully landing an internship with another fashion website or blog, posting regularly on Chictopia and other fashion networking sites, and continuing to photograph and write for the local arts and fashion magazine based in St. Louis, as well as campus news sources. 

Blog Resolutions

1. This year, I will blog as regularly as possible with my new adventures. I will keep up with Music Mondays, and will try to post every day, every other day at most. I want to keep my voice out there in the world. 

2. This year, I will try to network more with my fellow fashion bloggers - you never know what great friendships and connections could be made! I've already taken great steps by joining FBFF, Bloglovin' and IFB but I plan on being more active in all of these communities! 

3. This year, I will begin to post outfit photos on my blog, things that I am wearing day to day, after I reach my goal weight and become more comfortable and confident in my own skin. By posting outfit photos, I will be adding another dynamic to the blog and will be putting my sense of fashion and style out into the world. 
Well, there you have it! Those are my resolutions for 2012 - I have HIGH hopes of it being a great year for me! What are your resolutions for 2012? 


  1. I'm hoping to lose weight and get through more of the classics this year too! :) Good luck on your resolutions, although I'm sure you won't need luck since you've got determination! ;)

  2. Those are great resolutions! Good luck on the weight loss, you have a great attitude about it and I am sure you'll be successful!

  3. these are such good resolutions, have a very happy new year and i love your blog! :)

  4. this are all such wonderful resolutions! Im very confident that you will be able to achieve all of them with ease. Never stop believing you can do it, and you are bound to be a success!
    much love,
    lauren xoxo

  5. Thanks Cortney, Beth, Steffen and Lauren! I appreciate your kind words and your beliefs in my success. (:

    Happy New Year!

    xo Emily

  6. Aw love your goals! Hope you get to achieve all of them in 2012 :)