Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dressing for Christmas, Part I

Dressing for Christmas with my family is a five-part extravaganza. Yes, you heard me, five parts. This extravaganza also lasts three days - yeah we do Christmas BIG in my fam! 
First part is Christmas Eve, which is spent at 4pm (or 10:30pm, depending on the year) mass and then over at my paternal grandparents' apartment. It is the most formal of the events, and requires that a few guidelines are kept in mind.
First - keep it dressy. A nice black dress with heels and a clutch is perfect.
Second - it is spending time at church and then with my conservative family, so conservative choices are a must. The high neckline and three-quarter sleeves fits the quota perfectly.
Third - It's nighttime...a little sparkle is always nice!

What do you wear on Christmas Eve? 

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