Saturday, December 31, 2011

How I'm Ending 2011

How I'm Ending 2011

How I'm Ending 2011 by frecklegrrl featuring denim jeans

How I'm Ending 2011: Hanging Out, home bound, with my at-home-BFF doing what we do best. Watching crappy movies on Netflix, eating way too much ice cream and Jello, having dance parties and Facebook stalking our old classmates and making tons of collages.

Not the most exciting end of 2011, but sounds like a decent time to me.

How are you spending NYE? 

What I Will Be Wearing this New Years Eve

What I Will Be Wearing...

What I Will Be Wearing... by frecklegrrl featuring pearl earrings

As I sit at home this New Years, with my Jello and my Ice, I will be wearing this fabulous, casual outfit while spending some time with friends while we watch the ball drop on TV and dream about the fabulous time NYE will bring in just a few years.

What are your plans for NYE? 

What Are You Doing New Years, New Years Eve?

New Years Eve

New Years Eve by frecklegrrl featuring sequin cocktail dresses

This is what I wish I was wearing tonight, as I spend New Years at some fabulous club in NYC. But, alas, since I had my wisdom teeth removed, there will be no clubs, no parties and let's be real here, no crazy fun for me.

But isn't this outfit amazing? Will someone, please, please, please wear it tonight as they kiss someone fabulous at midnight? 

Friday, December 30, 2011

FBFF: New Years Resolutions

These can be your personal, professional or blog resolutions. Whatever you are resolving to do in 2012.

Like I mentioned yesterday, this was quite a big year for me with so many changes and new adventures! Hopefully, 2012 will bring some new excitement and adventures to keep me inspired all year long. 

This year, I broke my resolutions into the three categories - personal, professional and blog. Here we go! 

Personal Resolutions 

1. This year, I resolve to finally lose the excess weight I have been carrying since high school. I have never had good eating and exercise habits, and in 2012, this is going to change! I am going to drop back down to a healthy weight (the healthy way - no starvation or purging here!) so I can finally feel confident enough to post outfit photos on this blog. (: I will also, then, be willing to buy designer and designer bridge items that I have put off because "I'm not going to stay at this weight forever!" I can't wait to feel confident in my own skin again and be able to wear the many styles of clothing I covet but know, with my current body shape, would not look quite right on. 

2. This year, I will be open-minded about everything that comes my way, whether it be with my internship in Orlando, school over the summer or starting my sophomore year at the University of Missouri in the fall. I resolve to stop letting life pass me by and to take more risks. I also want to find my home in the Greek system at Mizzou and join a sorority - it feels like the right place for me, I greatly regret not pledging last semester and I want to expand my networking and my involvement on campus. 

3. This year, I plan to read more and learn about the world around me, past and present. I plan on reading at least one book a month, which (as other college students will tell you) can be a tall order with all the studying we have to do! I will be reading classics that I've never read before but always have wanted to. I also will become up to date on world and domestic events (not just fashion news, which - believe me - I am plenty current on) by reading the newspaper (or at least, the online version) everyday - or a few times a week. 

Professional Resolutions

1. This year, I resolve to learn more about the fashion industry I so love by reading books, watching documentaries and staying on top of fashion news. I want to subscribe to Women's Wear Daily so I can be current on everything that is going on in my favorite industry.

2. This year, I will find a job (during the school year) that I adore - no more big box department stores for me, at least at this time. I want a job that has a little more freedom and creativity, something maybe like a boutique or smaller chain store, in my college town.

3. This year, I will put my voice and style out there by hopefully landing an internship with another fashion website or blog, posting regularly on Chictopia and other fashion networking sites, and continuing to photograph and write for the local arts and fashion magazine based in St. Louis, as well as campus news sources. 

Blog Resolutions

1. This year, I will blog as regularly as possible with my new adventures. I will keep up with Music Mondays, and will try to post every day, every other day at most. I want to keep my voice out there in the world. 

2. This year, I will try to network more with my fellow fashion bloggers - you never know what great friendships and connections could be made! I've already taken great steps by joining FBFF, Bloglovin' and IFB but I plan on being more active in all of these communities! 

3. This year, I will begin to post outfit photos on my blog, things that I am wearing day to day, after I reach my goal weight and become more comfortable and confident in my own skin. By posting outfit photos, I will be adding another dynamic to the blog and will be putting my sense of fashion and style out into the world. 
Well, there you have it! Those are my resolutions for 2012 - I have HIGH hopes of it being a great year for me! What are your resolutions for 2012? 

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Shoes and Bags and Shoes and Bags

Shoes and Bags and Shoes and Bags

Shoes and Bags and Shoes and Bags by frecklegrrl featuring flap handbags

My dream shoe-and-bag shopping list, retailing at $2,438.... I guess you could say I have quite expensive taste! oops, haha



Recovery by frecklegrrl featuring cream shoes

A few hours ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed (all four of them) and now am in recovery-mode. Luckily, I don't remember the surgery and so far, have no pain or discomfort - KNOCK ON WOOD! I'm just a little out of it and can't talk, so I'm communicating through notepads and white boards while I have gauze and cotton stuffed in my mouth. Oh, and I can only eat (or I guess, drink) liquids for the next two to four days.

While I'm in the recovery-mode, this is an example of what I'll be wearing for the next couple days. A cute noodie (no hood hoodie - aka a sweatshirt), some comfy leggings and slippers. So exciting, eh? 

2011 in Retrospective

2011 was a pretty big year for me, so now, as we near 2012 (resolutions coming tomorrow!), I am choosing to take a moment and reflect on all the changes that have come my way. 

I started my last semester of high school.

I got promoted to a new department at my high school job.

I fell in love.

I got college acceptance letters and chose the University of Missouri.

I applied for, and received, scholarships.

I went to my Senior prom.

I scored highly on my Advanced Placement exams, giving my college credit as I entered school.

I turned eighteen.

I graduated from high school.

I got hurt by the person I loved, but still loved him.

I explored my hometown in a whole new way.

I traveled by myself for the first time.

I became a regular at a coffeehouse.

I wrote a lot of poetry.

I bought my first DSLR camera and fell in love with photography.

I landed an internship with the Wear To Go Girls fashion network.

I spent a week on the beach with my family and friends.

I showed someone new around my city.

I moved eight hours away from home for school.

I started my freshman year at the Mizzou.

I made a ton of new friends.

I explored nightlife in Columbia.

I got my first (ever) article published.

I got a surprise visit from a friend.

I fell out of love.

I started this blog.

I landed an internship with the Walt Disney Company.

I finished my first semester of college with all good marks.

I moved out of Mizzou and back home for the winter term.

A lot went on this year and it was a great adventure, more than I could have ever imagined! How was your year? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Workout Wednesday!!

Workout Wednesday!!

Workout Wednesday!! by frecklegrrl featuring a nylon duffel bag

As you know, or may not know, I've recently began eating healthy and working out again - have been working on my new lifestyle for the last four to six weeks or so. While there have been some trials along the way, I've thus far been successful with this new lifestyle - eating right and working out a few times a week.

And the shopaholic in me loves working out because that means buying all new workout clothes, haha. Which is twofold - one, it's cute and fun and two, new clothes are great motivation to get out there and start exercising. I'm currently coveting the cute workout clothes above. (:

What are your favorite workout clothes? 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Currently Coveting....

Ohhh yeah, I'm Blog Lovin' Now!!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Who's on Bloglovin? I just recently joined. Let me know so I can follow you!!! (:

Christmas Break Uniform

Christmas Break Uniform

Christmas Break Uniform by frecklegrrl featuring suede heel boots

Now that Christmas is over, I have three weeks and six days left of break before I start my next adventure. Besides work and online classes, I plan on spending all of this time with my friends and family exploring the city and doing whatever floats my well as (hopefully) a Chicago getaway weekend with my friends Britt and Joel.

This outfit is very similar to what I'm planning on living in the next few weeks... the comfort of jeans and a cozy sweater with cute boots and my pearls. Sounds perfect to me!

What are your plans for Christmas break? 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Music Mondays: Sexy and I Know It

My latest jam, I've seriously listened to this song wayyyy too many times in the past couple weeks.

"Day After" Perfection

"Day After" Perfection

"Day After" Perfection by frecklegrrl featuring a jumper sweater

So, I have been up for about 16 hours already today...and I apologize in advance if this post makes little to no sense. I worked today at my old high-school retail job at a local department store from 6:30 in the morning until 3:15 this afternoon. It was pretty dead for most of the morning, but it started picking up around 11am until mid-afternoon. My work outfit is incredibly boring-and definitely not blog worthy- black skinny trousers, black plain sweater, black flats or moccasins.

After work, I headed back home to my parents' house for a "day after" party that has been a holiday tradition for as far back as I can remember. I quickly changed since the party was in full swing already into a gorgeous gray cabled sweater from Gap (a Christmas present), a pair of Gap jeans (dark wash, curvy - and my most flattering pair), a strand of 16-inch pearls (gorgeous ivory color) and a pair of moccasins (but these flats were too cute). Simple makeup finished off the look, many photos to come!

How was your holiday weekend? 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! by frecklegrrl featuring sleeveless dresses

Merry Christmas, all my fashion-loving friends! I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and Santa brings you many goodies to show us all tomorrow! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

What I'm Wishing for this Christmas

What I'm Wishing for this Christmas

What I'm Wishing for this Christmas by frecklegrrl featuring vintage looking jewelry

Statement Necklaces, Pearl Bracelets, Cute Sunglasses, Kate Spade-anything, Coach clutch, Cambridge Satchel, Pearl or Diamond studs, J.Crew-anything, Madewell leopard skimmers, flat black boots and Tory Burch ballet flats... are all topping my wish list this season!

What are you wishing for? 

Dressing for Christmas, Part V

Dressing for Christmas, Part V

Dressing for Christmas, Part V by frecklegrrl featuring pearl earrings

The fifth part of dressing for Christmas in my family is for the "day after" - also known as the third day in our Christmas extravaganza tradition. 
It is the second most casual event in our three-day extravaganza, where the maternal side of my family and my mother's friends and their children gather at my parents' house in the afternoon and evening for a gift exchange, dinner and cocktails.
It requires cords (or nice jeans - if those exist, haha) and a sweater - ballet flats and pearls top it off as the perfect casual accessories. This outfit is comfortable. cute and (of course) picture perfect!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dressing for Christmas, Part IV

Dressing for Christmas, Part IV

Dressing for Christmas, Part IV by frecklegrrl featuring pearl bangles

The second most formal part of Christmas, Christmas night is a time where all my parent's friends and their children gather at my parents' house for appetizers, cocktails and celebration.
It calls for a cocktail dress, pearls and heels, since most evening celebrations are more formal than day ones. It must be comfortable and easy to move in, while still being a statement dress, because being a hostess is a lot of work! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dressing for Christmas, Part III

Dressing for Christmas, Part III

Dressing for Christmas, Part III by frecklegrrl featuring a shift dress

The third most formal part of Christmas (second most formal coming next) is Christmas during the day.
During this part of the Christmas celebration, we gather at my maternal aunt's house with the entire maternal side of the family for dinner and celebration.
It calls for a cotton-y dress with cardigan, heels (perhaps ballet flats, if you so wish) and a cute statement ring. The key is to be comfortable, yet formal because there are a LOT of pictures taken that day. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dressing for Christmas, Part II

Dressing for Christmas, Part II

Dressing for Christmas, Part II by frecklegrrl featuring a christmas tee

Christmas morning, the second part of the Christmas extravaganza and is the most informal part of our traditions. 
Typically an extremely casual, intimate event, Christmas morning calls for cute pajama pants and a holiday-ey t-shirt. (I love this one with Snoopy on it!) Complete with some cute slippers and a pair of earrings you can slip on before you run downstairs!
Just make sure it coordinates, because there'll be plenty of pictures! (:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dressing for Christmas, Part I

Dressing for Christmas with my family is a five-part extravaganza. Yes, you heard me, five parts. This extravaganza also lasts three days - yeah we do Christmas BIG in my fam! 
First part is Christmas Eve, which is spent at 4pm (or 10:30pm, depending on the year) mass and then over at my paternal grandparents' apartment. It is the most formal of the events, and requires that a few guidelines are kept in mind.
First - keep it dressy. A nice black dress with heels and a clutch is perfect.
Second - it is spending time at church and then with my conservative family, so conservative choices are a must. The high neckline and three-quarter sleeves fits the quota perfectly.
Third - It's nighttime...a little sparkle is always nice!

What do you wear on Christmas Eve? 



Balance is one of the hardest things to find in fashion. Balancing the old and the new, the expensive and the inexpensive and countless different styles is something many women, like me, struggle with but have often come to enjoy.

Coming up with something surprising, like these tough boots and animal print clutch with a sweet collared dress and bangles is surprising but somehow works in the perfect way.

Wouldn't this be perfect for a work (or going out) outfit? I can NOT wait until I work in fashion, with other people who get me and my sense of style.

Do You Remember Me?


Sorry it took so long, finals were crazy and nuts and a pain in the butt with little sleep, no makeup and too many pairs of sweatpants. But, now I'm back, finals (and school) free for a little over a month. I can't wait to dive into the world I missed so much over the past few weeks - the fashion and blogging world.

There is something about the camaradarie in the fashion blogging world that I adore. Every blogger, whether they are well known or just getting started, has the common interest of clothes, accessories and fashion to bind us together and make it work. I feel like, even though I have met only a few of these amazing girls, I know them incredibly well through their blog.

I believe that a blog, whether you post outfit pictures, polyvore sets or just use it as a diary about everyday life and the world around you, gives people a new look into your soul. I hope that you have gotten to know more about me through this endeavor, and hope that you will stick with me as I start my next adventure, an internship down in Orlando with the Disney company.

It's a month away, I am so excited and I can't wait to see how two of my dreams intertwine. I'm sure it'll be a great experience!

But speaking of camaradarie, what fashion blogs do you relate to? Which do you love without a doubt? Which are daily reads? Fill me in! Remember, I've been gone for a while - so what's the new talent?

As for new talent I'm aware of, take a second to follow and check out my friend Brittany's blog: It's new, but she has a great voice in her writing and an independent view of fashion that I'm sure you'll love as much as I do. And I'm saying that both as a friend and as a fellow fashion blogger. Love ya Britt!!!

Well, that's all for now. Now that I'm back in my hometown, I'm back at my high school job - where the hours are insane, since I work retail and there are only 4 more shopping days left!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

FBFF: The Holidays

No holiday party is complete without: good company and lots of laughs, love and good conversation
My favorite Christmas song/album: I love it all, no really - I do. I love my Pandora Christmas stations, recently listening to Disney Channel Christmas (going back to my childhood) and the traditional Christmas station.
My favorite seasonal recipe: Guilt Free Peppermint Pie from Hungry Girl
The perfect New Year's Eve outfit includes: Lots of sequins!!! And glitter, and beads and jewels and everything that sparkles. (:
At the parties, I'll be drinking: Hot Chocolate...yum!
Eggnog, good or bad? Good in moderation.
Did you ever take pictures on Santa's lap at the mall? Every year from when I was born until I was seventeen.
Gingerbread Latte or Peppermint Mocha: Peppermint HOT CHOCOLATE, preferrably from Starbucks in the cute holiday cup. (:
Worst gift I ever got: Ugly black pleather bootie clogs that were two sizes two small - with no receipt or gift receipt.
Best gift I ever received: mmm...probably my heated blanket (wonderful for cold Midwest winters). When I was younger, my favorite was my MyTwinn doll, a doll I asked for for over six years before Santa gifted me with one. (:
My family has this weird tradition: well, it's not really "wierd" for me, but we have a traditional Polish Christmas dinner every Christmas Eve. Oh, and we always celebrate the day after Christmas with my entire extended family, so Christmas is a 3 day affair for me!
My best bargain find for a gift this year: I picked up 2 DVDs for $5 for my little sister.
If I could only buy all my gifts from one place, I'd shop at: Target or Kohls.
Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman: Frosty the Snowman
My favorite holiday memory: too many to count, one that comes to mind is when we were younger, my cousins and I would put down the seat in the minivan and sit on the floor while my Aunt and Uncle would drive us to look at Christmas lights in this neighborhood called Candy Cane Lane.
My favorite Christmas movie: The Muppet's Christmas Carol
The best part about holiday decorations is: the warm fuzzy feeling I get inside when I see them. I love Christmas lights, and driving around to see everyone's outdoor decorations!
Rip off the wrapping paper or neatly pull off the tape: Neatly pulling off the tape, it's about the only time I am neat. (:
Miracle on 34th Street or It's a Wonderful Life: It's a Wonderful Life
It doesn't feel like the holiday season until: I am home with my family, with all the decorations up and we're baking cookies.
All I want for Christmas is: to be happy, surrounded by friends and family all at once. It sounds cheesy, but I am so excited to see them all! (However, in my dreams, I am getting a pair of Tory Burch flats and a Marc Jacobs dress)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One more to go

Have all my packing done and most of my finals. I've got one final left and then I'm outta here!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Break Countdown

Yeah, I'm one of *those* people - only three more exams til I'm done with the semester!! (So exciting, yo!) I've taken two exams, given one presentation and participated in one debate all within the past 48 hours, and now I have time to breathe for a few seconds. My first exam is brihgt and early Monday morning at 7:30 am. gahhh.

Can't wait for Christmas Break!! Have you started to think about what you want to do? I know I have!!

A little sampling (full post coming soonish):
Read all 7 Harry Potter books (and watch all 8 movies)
Read all 4 Twilight books (and watch the 4 movies)
Get started on my online classes
Pack/get pumped for DISNEY!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Wish I could show you pictures of something cute I've been wearing, but truth is, you aren't missing out on much. The polyvore set above is essentially what I've been wearing for the past 72 hours -- and for the next 9 days until finals are done and over. So much to do, so little time! Christmas spirit has been put on the back burner, only to be seen again when I escape the finals stress.

But, hey, happy St. Nick's Day! (I forgot, to be perfectly honest, until earlier today)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Procrastination Bites the Dust

I've got so much on my plate right now (5 tests, 2 papers and 1 presentation) before I can call the semester over - plus packing - and I am fuh-reaking out. I've gotta stop procrastinating every second of every day and get my nose to the grindstone.

I guess we'll see how this goes.

wish me luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Disney Dreaming

Disney Dreaming
As finals are looming (EEE!!!! so stressed out), I keep trying to find ways to keep myself sane and focused. 2 weeks from right now, all of this stress will be OVER and I will be leaving Missouri for a blissful month home before heading to Orlando next semester for an internship at Disney World - aka, the happiest place on Earth! I am so excited, I can barely think about anything else -- but I am forcing myself to, clearly, seeing as I still have to finish off this semester.

To keep myself motivated, for every assignment I complete, I spend 10 minutes doing something not school related - which, lately, has been making Polyvore sets of the outfits I'm going to wear while exploring the parks and scouring the onboarding Disney College Program website for new info.

Oh, and of course, Disney music is playing 24/7 in my dorm room while I'm studying and eating and just hanging out. I'm so loving the Tangled and Hercules soundtracks right now.

Ahh, well, now its back to the books. My 10 minutes are up. (: