Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What day? Wednesday!

Sorry for the brief hiatus yesterday -- I had a HUGE Chem exam this morning so I spent the prior 36 hours in the law library and general library with my nose stuck in the text -- no internet, no phone, no nothing. Luckily, I think the test went pretty well (here's hoping!). But, now that the exam is done, I have a couple minutes of breathing before onto the next thing...

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But Thanksgiving Break is on its way (I just confirmed my ride today!!) and that's one of the things getting me through the next ten days. I'm sure I'll gush more about it in the coming days, but I CANNOT wait to be home. In my own bed. With my own friends. And my lovely family. And all my favorite places in the whole world. Gahh - is it November 19th yet?

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As for the fashion front, Pinterest and Polyvore have become two of my favorite time wasters -- ahem, I mean, research outlets. The outfit inspiration and beautiful clothes are Christmas wishlist is a mile long!

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More later, I'm sure!

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