Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stylish School Spirit (Say that 3 times fast)


Mizzou-RAH! Mizzou-RAH! Mizzou-RAH!

One of the quintessential college activities is football games, and early in the semester it is easy to get dressed for them - college tee or tank, shorts, sandals. But, as the weather cools down, it is harder to still be stylish and warm - while showing school spirit! This outfit, which I put together on Polyvore (I am SO addicted to that website), balances school spirit and warmth perfectly. A longsleeve tee under a college tee will keep you warm while mascot earrings and a bag/shoes in school colors show your spirit!

As for me, yesterday I attended my first college football game. I know, blasphemy as it is the end of the season (last game is next weekend), but I got sick during the first game of the season (I didn't even see kickoff) and I never got season tickets so I didn't really think about it. My friend Brittany dragged me to this one and I was convinced that I was going to be bored out of my mind (I'm not really a football person, I greatly prefer college basketball) but I had a GREAT time. It was so much fun and now I'm strongly considering getting season tickets for next year!

I didn't get any pictures at the game, but here is a pic of me and my friends Brittany and Travis after we WON the game!! I say we, you know, because Britt, Trav and I were directly responsible for the win (haha just kidding). But don't you love our noodies?! (hoodies with no hood - aka, a sweatshirt)
Aren't we too cute?

How do you show school spirit at games? Do you even attend them? Fill me in!

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