Monday, January 2, 2012

Girly, Preppy and Polka Dots

Girly, Preppy and Polka Dots

Girly, Preppy and Polka Dots by frecklegrrl featuring a long sleeve cardigan

What's your style?

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to clean out your closet, reconsider your style and shop the post-Christmas sales for a new piece - or two - for your wardrobe. Whether you're a style newbie or a tried-and-true fashion blogger, everyone could use a little revitalization into your closet during the new year. In the spirit of all things new, I've started to reconsider my style and have compiled a list of things I hope to add to my wardrobe in the coming months.

My style, up until this point, has been - in one word - basic. I have always loved fashion and I have a very different eye when picking clothes for others than picking clothes for myself. Part of the reasoning behind this is because I lack a bit of self-confidence needed to rock the pieces I fall in love with for others, and part of the reasoning is because I have always been a little overweight, so pieces I love on others would not necessarily look that great on me.

This year, as I take hold of my health and lose the excess weight I've been holding onto throughout my adolescence, I will be reconsidering my wardrobe and my own personal style. I've always loved the girly/preppy aesthetic and I think it's what I want to channel in my wardrobe.

Some of the pieces I hope to add to my closet in the next few months are:

10. Florals, lots and lots of florals.
9. Tory Burch flats
8. Diamond-or faux diamond- studs
7. Polka dots, polka dots, polka dots!
6. Cardigans
5. Hunter rain boots
4. Longchamp Tote
3. Metallic coach clutch
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats
1. Pearl Earrings

What are you looking to add to your closet in 2012?


  1. Happy New Year! I read through this post and couldn't help but identify with everything you wrote here. I too am working on revamping my wardrobe and buying only those items that would contribute to my style and closet.

    As I read through your list of wants I saw that I own most of what you have (style/taste twins, anyone?) The best things from the list are the Marc Jacobs mouse flats (best shoes ever - I own two pairs) and Hunter rain boots (superb rain boots - I wholeheartedly recommend them). I'm currently on the hunt for silk floral button-downs and perhaps a Longchamp tote.

    The best thing you can do for yourself to meet your goals is to start taking outfit photos. You'll soon see what works and what doesn't. Good luck with all your goals!

  2. Thanks Anna for commenting! It sounds like we are style twins, haha. Outfit pics sound like a great idea, I'll probably start them up soon. xo Emily

  3. wow, i absolutely love your style picks. casual and effortless... but very stylish. i love tb reva flats with anything casual. i love hunter boots as well. i am more casual than i used to be now that i have kids. :) great blog, and love the background! hope to visit again. new follower... :) have a great wknd!

    1. Thanks for checking it out! (: I'm glad you like it.

      xo Emily