Friday, January 6, 2012

Feeling Business-y

Feeling Business-y

Feeling Business-y by frecklegrrl featuring long sleeve shirts

One of the first things I will be doing in Orlando is my internship orientation, which is called Traditions. This, like taking classes on Disney property, requires business style clothing. Which got me thinking... I own very little of this style of clothing, but yet it is very important as I progress into the next stage of my life.

Wouldn't this outfit I put together on Polyvore be the perfect interview (or in my case, orientation) outfit? The teal makes you stand out, the blazer and oxford add the business look, diamond studs and black pumps are classic and a great tank worn as a vest adds some visual interest. Sounds like a very memorable outfit to me!

Only 17 more days until I am in sunny Florida...I can't wait! 


  1. Oooohhh the turquoise skirt is lovely! Your set is great. Thank you so much for following Goodwill Huntingg, now following you back!

  2. This is a spectacular set you have put together- i feel i need a turquoise*green skirt now.

    1. Thanks Lorena! I know, I'm on the lookout for one too. I think it really could be an unexpected versatile piece.