Monday, January 2, 2012

Girly on the Couch


Girly by frecklegrrl featuring post earrings

A cute outfit to brighten up gray winter days is the perfect answer to post-Christmas blues. I've been quarantined to the couch the past few days as I recover from wisdom teeth extraction, but that hasn't stopped me from checking out all the fabulous online sales that are going on! Sadly for me, this means a lot of window shopping since I'm a broke college student, but looking doesn't cost anything!

Being on the couch has also given me a lot of time to finish "required reading" - the January issues of all my favorite fashion magazines, the Teen Vogue Fashion Handbook (for only about the hundredth time) and a few other scattered fashion books - and watch some amazing fashion documentaries - The September Issue (again...and again...and again), Bill Cunningham New York, Fashion in Film and whatever else I can scrounge up on Netflix to get my fashion fix. I've also been surfing the web for new blogs to follow, read and fall in love with - and I have to say, there is no shortage of fresh talent out in the blogosphere.

What are you favorite fashion books, magazines, blogs and documentaries? Fill me in! 


  1. Hope you heal fast from your wisdom teeth! Been there, done that, it's not always fun.

    I like Glamour and Lucky for magazines, I haven't looked for books, I should. Check out my "Link Love" on my blog for a list of blogs I adore! You are right, tons of talent out on the blogosphere!

  2. Very cute set! I was supposed to get my wisdom tooth removed last month but decided to let it stay. Its been bothering me for a couple of years now. The last time i got a wisdom attack (that's what i call the pain i get from them twice a year) was when I was on vacation and it hurt so bad!!!

  3. Thanks Beth. I'll def check it out. xo Emily

  4. Thanks June! Ouch, that sounds like no fun!!!!!!! ): But as long as it isn't frequent, you really should be okay. xo Emily