Sunday, October 30, 2011

Let's Hit the Books!

Before I came to college, I did not pay as much attention to studying and how I study. However, ever since I've been on campus, not only have I refined my studying techniques (I quickly learned what works and what doesn't -- and let's just say, "studying" by skimming a textbook while watching TV and having a bonding sesh with my friends on the floor doesn't work), I also learned that what I wear really impacts my focus and the extent of my studying. Crazy, right?

First, I had to come to terms with what not to wear:

What NOT To Wear

As much as I love my sweats and soffes, hoodies and tees, tanks and slippers...They are not for studying in. They are not for going to class in. They are not for eating dinner in the dining hall in. They are not for running around campus in. They are not...well, let's be honest, it is faster to say what they are acceptable for (at least, in my mind): Sleeping and relaxing. And by relaxing, I mean in your dorm room, alone or just with your roommate or a close group of friends. Not out in the lounge or in any other sort of public.

When I wear these things, I never get much studying done. I do, however, get a lot of watching Freinds and Gossip Girl while blogsurfing and reading magazines done. And, while I love love love doing these things, it really doesn't aid my understanding of the psychology and sociology behind Intimate Relationships and Marriage (a psych/sociology class I'm taking this semester).

And then to come to terms with what works for studying:

Study Study Study

This outfit is both structured and comfy, the perfect study combination. The jeans are comfortable, but just structured enough that they aren't too comfy. Sweater and a tank top are layers so I feel put together and are still comfortable. Ballet flats and a tote bag are functional (because lets be honest, I don't really like to wear shoes while studying and ballet flats are easy to kick off inconspicuously) and some nail polish to give me something to look at while I write up too many notecards.

The keys to being able to study successfully is comfort and structure -- enough refinement to keep focused but enough comfort that I am not miserable. Jeans are perfect, sweats are not. Sweaters and Tees are great, an oversized sweatshirt and leggings are not.

Just a few things to consider when getting ready to study this week (: After all, I have two exams and three papers on the agenda for this week.


  1. these are such cute/comfy outfits for studying! I myself should be studying right now! such a damper on my night tho haha :) Ps I LOVE polyvore! I could spend all day on it! :)

  2. Thanks Kait! I know, isn't polyvore addicting?